I was a baby when I was born. People treated me so good at a time, saying that I am cute and beautiful. I felt we have very good people in the world. I was a young girl when I grew up then also they treated me nice saying that I am clever. I felt we have nice people in this world. I am a grown up girl now and hear the words hot n sexy come from them. Do I feel the same way about them now!! May be no
Since my childhood I grew up studying the same education like others do. I went to school, I watched movies, I celebrated festivals, I enjoyed holidays. I have spent the life the same way like other do. But now am I the only seeing the different world around me?
Because when I am at home I have millions of lecture from my parents telling me to be careful with the world outside. I say to myself when there are so many girls who can survive outside, why can’t I? Whenever I walk in the streets I see guys looking at me, staring at me, try to find the chance to talk to me , to get closer to me, I feel there in tensions I fear inside but I just keep moving on. Am I the only one who faces this bullshit??
When I was in college, I got so many proposals. I have seen guys fighting with each other just to get me.
I used to ask myself don’t I have the choice to pick the right guy for me. Or am I the only girl who is facing this problem the days have passed I tried to be happy with myself. I have seen different people in my life. Everyone seems nice at first. I know there are good guys and bad guys in the world. But the problem is, we can’t judge the true color of a person until we get close to them. The fear inside me always made me to not to respond to guys who are strangers. Am I the only one who fear to share her problem with her parents?? Just not to make them tensed and worried?? I started feeling so lonely. I think every boy and girl need someone to take care of them, someone to share their feelings, someone to talk to, to walk along the same way, to understand them, to share their problems, someone to be happy with. Or I am the only one who feels like that???
Yes I fell in love with a guy who was tall and handsome. He was so loving and caring I used to talk to him every day. I couldn’t spend a day without him in my heart and mind. I thought he was the one. I was so honest with him. We used to be a very good couple. Our all day chatting talking. We used to feel jealous if we talk to other boys and girls. We used to feel like we are in a different world with each other
But one day
That world collapsed.
He found another girl, he left me. I was heartbroken. I was in tears whenever I was alone. I couldn’t handle myself anywhere it was so tough to mingle with people. Those memory used to haunt me. I wanted to end my life. I tried to commit suicide. But then, I ask myself again. Am I the only who has such a story??? My parents brought me matches to get me married. They used to tell me to be careful with strangers. But now how is it right when they bring a stranger and ask me to marry him? Am I the only one who has this question? I don’t understand this world’s perceptions. I see women being treated like objects in movies. I see women being praised on days like women’s day and mother’s day. I see women being a center of attraction at colleges, offices, streets and everywhere. I see women getting raped every day. Facebook, whatsaap, mobile number, see guys trying to reach a girl in every possible way. I wish I could tell them, Brother, why don’t you take care of your own sister, instead to trying to reach to someone else’s sister?
All I want is a little care, all I look for is some true love. All I need is respect as a person but not as an object. Is this world treating women right? Or am i the only one thinking like this??
Am I the only one girl…


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