L: lust

I: intimacy

N: naughty

G: glamour

E: erotic

R: romantic

I: intense

E: evocative

A lingerie itself has a world of lust, intimacy, naughtiness, glamour, erotic, romantic, intense and evocative. Beautiful, pretty intimate apparel in today’s world is for every woman. Play up for feminine side, your sexy and seductive side or even your gentle and innocent side by wearing a fabulous lingerie that make you feel confident from the inside out. The right lingerie can make you feel everything from sexy and seductive to more just like the girl next door. Lingerie is a gift to make your boobs feel more special. It is a gift of love, romance and passion. In today’s world, sexy lingerie is a worn and beloved wardrobe essential and why not lingerie make you feel confident as well as pretty. Plus your guy is going to love it. Lingerie is a fire way to get in touch with in your inner femininity. There is nothing as intimate or deeply female as lingerie. Wearing something that makes you feel beautiful, even if it is hidden underneath your clothing will do something magical inside you.


When I talk about lingerie, I’m talking delicate fabrics and exquisite cuts; objects of beauty that adore and adorn your body. There are special piece that never fail to make me feel sexy and confident. When it is a time to buy a lingerie, automatically a huge FANTASY comes into my mind. What should I buy? Which color I should prefer more? Which bra will go with which piece of dress? Every girl or a women in the world have a huge fantasy of buying lingerie. Some have the fantasy of buying an items such as a sexy stretch lace baby doll can help bring the bust to the forefront and make the mid-section more subdued. A sexy pair of booty shorts can help to accentuate the buttocks while a pair of sexy stockings can bring attention to that great set of legs. Girls make a fantasy will buying a bra even, that which type of bra she is going to buy like Convertible bra, which is an important piece in every woman’s wardrobe. Demi cup bra, this bra style covers roughly half of the breast, and lifts your girl’s front and center for added cleavage.

 Adhesive bra, every woman needs an adhesive bra in her chest of drawers, since the bra provides support in even the most revealing fashions. Push-up bra, the push-up bra lifts your breasts towards the center for cleavage, but with the added help of padding. Strapless bra, these are designed to wear with strapless dresses or shirts, and provide lift without the use of straps. Shelf bra, Need some sexy time? The shelf bra might be the perfect bra to mix things up in the bedroom. The bralette is a pretty, lacy bra that is wireless and usually doesn’t have padded cups. It’s a comfortable bra best worn with your Netflix and chill outfits or with any casual weekend wear. From a single woman to a girl having a partner have a fantasy of buying a sexy lingerie. Everyone wants to look pretty under her clothes and sometime this fantasy comes out of your comfortable level even.

Then how a fantasy convert into a fear? Can lingerie create a fear in her mind? NO lingerie never create a fear it’s something the visibility of your lingerie which create a fear in you. I know some of you are not getting my point what I’m actually trying to say. Almost every girl heard this line “oye madam apki bra ki strap dikh rahi hai” and suddenly all the fantasy disappear and a dozen of shame of wearing a bra comes into her mind. The girl who has a fantasy of buying a sexy lingerie is now getting uncomfortable just because her strap is getting visible from her clothes. Buying a sexy bra means feel sexy and confident and when the same bra gets visible all the confidence vanish. So what, if her bra is visible she has boobs, she wear a bra to cover it. Why her bra shows up even when you want her to hide it? Because she wear it! Now, there are reasons. To start with, she must hide her strap because there are droolers out there, ready to pounce; ready to rip her clothes apart. Some will tell you that you ought to hide it because it is part of an underwear, and showing of underwear is just not so couth, not so “cultured”. Now can we expect a girl to live in a lingerie fantasy zone when we know she has a fear of showing it? The funniest part is that the visibility of the bra-strap suddenly makes you a slut. You are immediately given tags like “desperate” and “needy”. And there is no one you can go ask for help, because everyone will tell you it was your fault! And then they talk about getting rid of sex education in the education system.

 So decide, for you LINGERIE is a fantasy or a cause of fear ?


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